Thank you for your interest in the Los Angeles Pipe Club! It is always free to come to our meetings.

... to join the LAPC!

… to join the LAPC!

Our club is built on it’s members since they are the ones that make it so great. We welcome members from all over including international members. The goal is to create a common place for any level of pipe enthusiast to come together as a community to share in our love of the hobby.

We offer a yearly membership for $25. Member benefits include:

  • Discounts at local SoCal tobacconists
  • 10% off club merchandise
  • Complimentary tins of tobacco at monthly meetings
  • Complimentary email alias
  • Discounts on commissioned pipe orders from numerous pipe makers
  • Ticket(s) to yearly LAPC member dinner
  • Future member exclusive club pipe

Other one-off cool stuff and events as they happen!


Thank you for supporting the Los Angeles Pipe Club!